Welcome to the Communication Neural Systems Research Group at Northwestern University.

Our research deals with central auditory processing and neurophysiology, especially as it relates to speech perception and learning, auditory skill levels and deficits, and interactions between speech and music. Our primary goal is to identify possible underlying neurophysiologic principles that govern complex auditory perception and learning in order to develop effective treatment programs for auditory and speech processing deficits, as well as for teaching languages to adults.

If you would like to learn more about our studies, including how to participate, what tasks are involved, and where our lab is located, visit our Participate page for more information.

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We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the National Science Foundation (BCS-1125144), the National Institutes of Health (R01DC008333) and Northwestern University.


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Dr. Patrick Wong is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, but he does not have the privilege to provide clinical services over email/telephone or to practice outside of the State of Illinois (U.S.A.). He is not currently accepting patients. Please contact the Northwestern University clinics if you would like to inquire about options for clinical care.